Alex's Harem

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"Hedonists by virtue // Aristocrats by vice. Michelle Helena Janssen enters a realm of Fin De Siècle decadence superimposed over the aesthetics of modern-day Kensington & Chelsea. Here, moments of allegorical still life are captured during a private feast. The passionate collision of eras, senses and styles. The celebration of all fine tastes: the body, the wine, the arts. Violent colours clash with blushing allures that invite us to enter a space designed for double-entendres: Latent cynicisms. Tongue-in-cheek morals. Equivocal exchanges. You may join, but remember, only once you see double, you may leave."
- Words by Gabriella Gasparini

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Images: Michelle Janssen (2017).

Art direction by Gabriella Gasparini and Aleksandra Wojt