"The 133bpm soundtrack of ‘Brain Damage’ infects the performers with Choreomania. A plague that once stormed through 14th-century Roman empire manifests itself in the present day. The performers, in their uncontrollable state of dance, are rendered brain dead through the DJ’s virulent beat – which drives this unending dance.” Explains Darko, “This film slices through the rapid movements of ritualistic performance, Sama and experimental dance. By using the pounding techno-electronic sounds, the performers put forward the narrative of the doctor and the plagued."

- Kaltbult Magazine

BRAIN DAMAGE (Aloner Remix)

Director/Film by: Kobe Darko  kobedarko.com
Artist: Sanni Est  
Remixer: Aloner @aeonyuonmiller 
Performers: Raffaelo Donnaloia (Me’taraph) 
Auryn Reeve
And Appearances by: Boy& Zero
Styling: Filmmakers Own / Raffaelo Donnaloia